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Our company

Realization of dynamic websites, autonomous ergonomic for Liege, Wallonia, Brussels...

The internet is unique, innovative and hyper-evolutionary. It is both an unequaled communication tool and a marketing channel. You want to take the step, share our web philosophy! According to our web agency from Liege every web project must be created on the bases of the following considerations:


Dynamic and autonomous website

"I can change the information on my website without approaching a provider."

Advantages of Webissimus

All the websites that we create are editable easily by you with online access to a secure administration console. In addition, with the creation of your new website, we offer a half day training in order for you to get familiar with this tool.


Ergonomic website

"The design of an attractive and effective website retains the visitor's attention and encourages him to surf thanks to an optimal comfort of navigation."

Advantages of Webissimus

Ease of use by the user is the key word for Webissimus in each of our website creations.


Visible website

"My website is very visible in search engines like Google."

Advantages of Webissimus

All our website creations include organic SEO: computer programming optimized for a better analysis by the search engines.



Website ready for tomorrow

"The website can be accessed from any PC, web browser, Iphone, Ipad or smartphone."

Advantages of Webissimus

All of our websites are developed in technologies compatible and readable on PCs, Macs, laptops and the majority of smartphones.