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Web design and creation of e-commerce sites - Liege and surroundings

Webissimus creates and produces the web design of business websites and catalog websites. Creating a business website allows you to present your business on the internet as a communication channel. The creation of a catalog website allows you to present the list of your products on the internet. Webissimus is based in Liege and works primarily with companies in the province of Liege but has already carried out websites projects in Wallonia, as in Germany and Luxembourg.


E-commerce  website

Creating a website for your company or your business reinforces the positioning of your company on the market through effective communication on the internet: an online store brings more visibility, credibility and reputation. Webissimus Liege assist you in web design and creating your online store. More information on creating e-commerce sites.


Dynamic e-commerce website

A dynamic website allows you to easily manage the content of your website yourself! Webissimus Liege provides an administration window to update the website as if you were using Microsoft Word. You add or remove images simply by browsing the hard drive of your computer. More information on creating a dynamic website.


Visible e-commerce website

Making the decision to create an online store is a first step, taking into account its visibility in the design is the second step, today inseparable from the first, taking into consideration that users browse the internet using search engines. The issue of the visibility of your e-commerce site in the results of search engines like Google (called "SEO") must be dealt with in the design of the shop.


-50% on your e-commerce site!

The Walloon Region provides assistance called "premium e-business" for companies established in the Walloon Region for the creation of an e-commerce website.  Enjoy up to 50% discount on the cost of your online store (maximum € 15,000)! Click the following link for more information about the e-business premium for the creation of an e-commerce site.