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50% of on creating a website in Wallonia

Up to 10,000 € grant for the creation of a website for export !

50% Discount on design and e-marketing your website !

Improve the visibility of your website through grants in the Walloon region !

AWEX, the Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment, provides assistance to companies established in the Walloon region for the creation of a website for export. If you meet the eligibility requirements of the Awex grant when creating your business website or your catalog  website our web agency in Liege informs you on the paperwork to obtain this grant.


Type of website eligible for Walloon grant

Creating a website, which is devoted exclusively to the individual presentation of Walloon companies and their services and / or products. AWEX is not involved in the financing websites of companies whose corporate purpose is to create a website which would be the heart of the activity itself (portals, online gaming platforms…)


Amount of Awex grant

Walloon companies can benefit from these grants covering up to 50% of actual costs of implementation of the VAT website and to a maximum of € 10,000. Since 1 January 2011, the AWEX  intervention is based henceforth on simplified budgets in three positions:

Title Budget Amount of grant
Website Graphics Package of 4,000 € Package of  2,000 €
Website development Limit of 6,000 € Limit of  3,000 €
Website e-Marketing Limit of 10,000 € Limit of  5,000 €
Total: Limit of 20,000 € Limit of  10,000 €


Conditions that have to be fulfilled by the company

To receive this grant, the company must respect the following:

  • For any enterprise established in Walloon Region from all sectors of the Walloon economy (including culture), a producer of goods or service providers. With the exception of the import-export companies and distribution (pure marketing) as well as holding companies.
  • The grant application must always be introduced before the realization of the website. Only professional invoices, subsequent to the date of submission of the application to AWEX are taken into account. However, the prepayment invoices (up to a maximum of 25 % of the total charge), prior the date of introduction of the request are accepted.



Conditions required to create a website

To benefit from the Awex grant, the website must respect the following:

  • The website must be devoted exclusively to the individual presentation of the Walloon company and its services and / or products.
  • AWEX leaves freedom to the applicant to choose the language in which it wishes to make its website but recommends the use of the official languages in the countries targeted by the company.
  • More information on the Awex website.