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An e-commerce site in the first places of Google

My website appears in the top results of Google on the keywords "carpentry Liege" !

I am contacted by new prospects who have found me on Google !

The identity of my business is enhanced by the visibility of my website !

What is the traffic of your e-commerce site? What are the visit statistics of the website? Making the decision to create a e-commerce site is a huge opportunity in terms of market potential, but one of the crucial points is certainly the visibility of the e-commerce website in the results of search engines like Google (also called "SEO"). Our web agency from Liege has a real expertise in SEO and the creation of e-commerce websites, taking into account the SEO from the design of the website.

The vast majority of Internet users use search engines and most of them will stick to the first page of results. Today, if you want to successfully sell on the web, create a e-commerce site is not enough. The deployment of a real positioning strategy called SEO, that is adapted to your products, has become essential.


The natural SEO ?

The natural SEO (also called "SEO" for "Search Engine Optimization") consists in positioning  your e-commerce site at the top of search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, ...), on certain keywords, without using trade links. The natural SEO can be defined as the set of strategic actions and business techniques to improve the long term visibility and positioning of your website in the natural results. For this reason, the optimization of the structure and content of you future shop online is fundamental.


A well-optimized website ?

What is a well-optimized website? Small example image: your website is a room of a home. The texts on the site are represented by the furniture in the room. You need to describe two rooms. The first has only a wooden door locked with a key. It is impossible to describe the room and know what purpose it serves in the house. The second room has many windows and a glass door that you can open. This second room is as a well-optimized website: it is possible to see what is inside! Create your website with Webissimus, SEO specialist in Liege; we offer many windows that allow Google to see the achievements of your company and the list of your products, services or business!


What are the rules of SEO ?

The SEO (in other words the visibility) of your website is linked to multiple factors: choice of phrases or keywords, number of times that these keywords appear in the internet site, places where the keywords are located in the site, competition on these key phrases,... Companies like Google have defined the rules of SEO (some explicit, other confidential), there are conditions to be met in the code of the website for a better visibility in the results of the search engines.


SEO of the site included !

To respond effectively to this problem and your objectives of visibility, Webissimus has chosen to offer its customers a global service, including a first step of SEO to each e-commerce site creation. SEO is now an essential solution to create or improve your online visibility and apprehend the users interested in your products.