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Your website in the first place of Google results

What is the traffic of your website? What are the visit statistics of the site? Making the decision to create a business website is the first step in your process of online communication, but one of the most important points is certainly the visibility of the site in the results of search engines like Google (called "SEO "). Webissimus creates business websites and catalog websites taking into consideration the SEO in their design.

90% of Internet users use search engines and most consult only the results of the first page. Today, if you want a successful web entry, creating a website is not enough. The deployment of a real positioning strategy called SEO, adapted to your business, has become indispensable.


The natural SEO ?

The natural SEO consists in positioning  your website at the top of search engine results, on certain keywords, without using trade links. The natural SEO can be defined as the set of strategic actions and business techniques to improve the long term visibility and positioning of your website in the natural results.


The SEO site design soon !

The SEO of your website should be planned ahead of your project so that, when online, your website can meet the search engines requirements. Today, too many companies design their website without worrying about its SEO. By acting in this way, you may make technical choices that could subsequently hinder the development of the positioning of your website.


SEO of the site included !

To respond effectively to this problem and your objectives of visibility, Webissimus has chosen to offer its customers a global service, including a first step of SEO to each of its offers (company website, catalog website and e-commerce). Webissimus offers you technical and marketing expertise from the creation of your website.