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A dynamic and autonomous e-commerce website

Quickly informing customers means creating a competitive advantage! Once a product is released, I can update my e-commerce site myself  !

I manage by myself more than 500 products with my online shop !

A new promotion? I add it myself to my e-commerce website in 5 minutes !

Creating a dynamic e-commerce website allows you to easily manage the product catalog for your e-commerce site yourself! Webissimus Liege developed a content management interface (sometimes called CMS "Content Management System") to change the text and the products of your e-commerce site as if you were using Microsoft Word. You add or remove images simply by browsing the images on your computer. Webissimus develops a content management interface (CMS) for all its e-commerce sites.


Independent e-commerce website !

You can be completely independent to update texts, products, news or pictures from your e-commerce site with an online interface for managing customized content. For more significant changes, the online agency Webissimus is always there to update your e-commerce website to suit your needs.


Secure administration console for your online shop !

With Webissimus your website has a content management interface accessible on the internet from any computer. We give you the web link on which it is accessible and with your user name and password you can access it securely. CMS offers you the advantage of making your website live and evolve in order to maintain it attractive to your visitors. Thanks to your CMS, your website develops along with your company.


Why a "Content Management System" ?

The "Content Management System" (CMS in abbreviation) of a e-commerce site is a module that allows you to manage the administration and the content of its site. The abbreviation "CMS" means "Content Management System" but there are other names such as Administration Console content management interface or "Back Office".

The CMS also allows to organize the layout of your e-commerce site and adjust your online offers: the management of the layout, the addition or removal of the goods or services, price changes, references, features, images, charts, selling tips, promotions, bestsellers, related products, favorite product  links, etc.

All in all, a good understanding and management of the CMS allows the e-commerce site to evolve together with the growth of the company.

Finally, there are several types of e-commerce CMS according to the specific needs of each company. During the design phase of the e-commerce website, the Senior Project Manager shall determine the suitable the back office among the following: Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop...