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Newsletter design and e-mailing system

Offering both a low cost of acquisition and use and the possibility of a very precise targeting, the newsletter is nowadays one of the most effective solutions for reaching the customers loyalty and promotion thanks to its responsiveness, flexibility and opportunities of performance monitoring.


Design of a personalized newsletter

First of all, depending on your goals, your target, your graphics but also technical limitations related to the newsletter itself (balance image / text, links, etc..) Webissimus can offer you the creation of an original disclaimer newsletter (template). In addition, depending on your problems and your message Webissimus can also formalize and optimize your message and use all marketing resources related to the use of the Internet and particularly those used for newsletters.


E-mailing and sending newsletters

You can entrust our web agency from Liege sending your newsletters. This will ensure optimal delivery and efficient means.


Newsletters statistics

Finally, because the art of the newsletter is a delicate art, Webissimus offers indicators to help you evaluate the quality of your newsletter. We also offer you the list of companies or people who clicked on your newsletter and have reached your website. An effective way to revive them in a personalized and monitored way.