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Sell my products on the Internet

With an e-commerce site, the potential market for the company can easily multiply by 10, 100 or 1000 while minimizing costs.

Every day, e-commerce is becoming a more and more important sales tool to modern businesses.

Retaining an e-commerce customer costs 5 times cheaper than in prospect new !

I have two stores. A real shop in Liege and a virtual store online that covers several countries !

You want to expand your range of potential customers? Understand and understand their needs and their habits? Diversify your offer? Increase or boost your sales and turnover? Improve your reputation and your brand? Then, think of the e-commerce, and the web agency Webissimus in Liege who will accompany you in your journey!


An e-commerce site

An e-commerce site, is a online shop, a virtual space for online sale or where the company can expose its catalog of products and/or services, and conduct commercial transactions (B2B or B2C),  safely and without limits, with or without immediate payment, on this new channel of distribution and communication: the Internet!


Internet = Limitless growth

An e-commerce site allows you to join, to reach a better targeted and a more important audience that with a institutional site, 24/7. In addition, this solution allows you to promote your products and / or services on a world wide scale. Indeed, the Internet opens new doors: this distribution network brings you additional trading area, with a relatively low cost.


Build customer loyalty online

An online store allows companies to better understand the needs of customers through their statistical analysis of the site visit. As it is easier to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, it is important to establish a good retention policy (attractive prices, discounts on the what's new, attractive loyalty program...) and ...  statistics show that online shoppers are loyal customers, so enjoy!

By analyzing the clicks of each visitor, it is possible to build consumer profiles in order to adapt your e-marketing to gain maximum information. Indeed, the more the user visits the site, the more one gets to know him through the clicks he does... a real gold mine!


Ease of management

An e-commerce site makes your life easier by managing your entire online store. In fact, in a few clicks, you can manage your inventory automatically, you can manage customer accounts, you follow the order management (creation of purchase orders, invoicing, validation, rejection, online management of shipping costs) the management of products (adding, deleting, editing) and you change your selling price …


Performance and comfort

Equipped with a virtual shopping cart, the e-commerce platform for online sales allows you to submit an online catalog showing the overall products and / or services available for sale, the prices, specifications and availability.
An e-commerce site is composed of a CMS, a back office system for organizing its online offer, to change prices, add or remove references to products, administer and manage orders. Learn more, click here
In addition, the e-commerce site generally consists of a search to easily find a product using various criteria (Brand, price range, color, etc.)..
Finally, an e-commerce website facilitates commercial transactions by avoiding the buyer to move (saving time) while providing the same service and comfort.


Ergonomics: generating customers !

Good ergonomics for your e-commerce site can acquire new customers. Indeed, a visitor will become a customer thanks to a sophisticated and an attractive architecture of your offer, an optimized search and navigation on your website but also thanks to the offering of relevant services (time saving, updated offers, etc.)

The visitor interested in online shopping is demanding and pressed. In fact, he looks for quality, originality, choice and seduction! It is therefore essential to add new content and to work on the attractiveness of your e-commerce site in order to retain your online customers!


Return of information in real time

Customize your e-commerce strategy in real time thanks to the many reports and analyzes available: visit statistics, sales report of the most purchased or viewed products, searched  terms report etc ... These analyzes allow you to have an overview of the activity of your website.