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Our company

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Intellectual Property Rights:

The internet agency Webissimus undertakes to give the customer, on payment, all intellectual property rights on its website on the first day it online.



Webissimus agrees not to disclose or publish information that he's entrusted by the client as part of the project.


Technical Warranty

Our web agency is committed to respond within 4 working hours in case of critical defect (unavailability of the website or its administrative console).


Signatory No. 500 of the eTIC Charter

Our commitments are completed by our affiliation with the e-tic Charter (signatory # 500).
The eTIC Charter is a good practice code: eTIC Charter was launched in late 2004 in order to promote balanced and transparent contractual relationships between ICT suppliers signatories and their professional clients.

This charter includes positions dear to Webissimus, among which we wish to emphasize:

  • adapting services depending on the customer
  • the control of costs and delays
  • sustainability and portability of the solution or service
  • the intellectual property rights.

The complete code of ethics "eTIC" is available at http://www.charte-etic.be. Any shortcomings to this charter may be reported at plainte@charte-etic.be.


Thus the web agency Webissimus from Liege favors the creation of a lasting relationship beneficial to all involved and has definitely understood the importance of differentiation by a high business ethics.