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Creating a website is a multidisciplinary activity involving a wide range of skills and includes three main phases: design, construction and launch of your website.


Survey and objectives

The starting point of any website building project should be the understanding of business and of the needs of the company.
Creating a website is a strategic move that must be made in a participatory manner, in consultation and collaboration with the management of the company.
The design of a website should be user centric (target audience) with the objective of precise communication.



The design of a website is the paradoxical phase of any website creation: there must be a compromise between a presentation with a simple navigation that allows the user to easily find the information they are looking and catchy graphics (the functional vs the visual).

Functional Design
As a first step, an inventory of the website contents is made in order to group them by topic and to form headings. When the main sections (main menu) are identified, their organization and their division into sub-sections are determined as shown below.
The internal navigation, the relation between pages and usability, is then studied to offer the visitor a maximum user comfort and to encourage him to stay on the website.

Visual Design
This step involves structuring the graphic elements and blocks of information of the website in order to strengthen its visual identity and provide a feeling of confidence to the user.
The objective is to enhance the image of the company through a brand image and an increased credibility.



The presentation and validation of a static web page design which shows graphical design and navigation on website will allow to move further to develop the website.


The design of a web site is an essential phase of the project. It is a participatory reflection undertaken firstly on the objectives of the website and the users and secondly on the structure, usability, look and navigation.



This phase is essentially technical and concerns the creation of web pages and graphic elements.
The goal is to create computer files shareable on the web.
Ideally, any website creation must comply with the W3C standards relating to the internet. It should also take into account the ease of display in different browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Safari) and with the existing multimedia supports (PC, Netbook, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones).



The text content and images are included in the website.
The success of a website depends also on the quality of its content and its writing. The language used must be close to the reader, composed of simple sentences, clear, precise and concise. The repetition of keywords is useful for the SEO.


Quality review

One last close reading allows to test the website from A to Z.



The presentation of the dynamic website validates its eventual launch.


The realization of a website is the technical phase of the creation of the site. The programming of web pages is done first and then the integration of the content and finally quality tests are performed.



When the website is ready to be seen, it is put online on a server permanently connected to the internet in order to make website available 24h/24, 7/7.
A professional hosting provides quality service for a fast, reliable and secure  access.



The web site is available on the domain name selected by the company.


The launch of the website is a first outcome of your project. In order to guarantee you a optimum communication in the management of your project, you will benefit from the advice of a Senior Project Manager assigned throughout the realization of this project.