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A website in the first place of Google

My website appears in the top results of Google  for the keywords "carpentry Liege" !

I am contacted by new prospects who found me on Google !

The identity of my business is reinforced by the visibility of my website !

What is the traffic of your website? What are the visit statistics of the site? Making the decision to create a business website is the first step in your process of online communication, but one of the most important points is certainly the visibility of the site in the results of search engines like Google (called "SEO "). Webissimus creates business websites and catalog websites taking into consideration the SEO in their design.

90% of Internet users use search engines and most consult only the results of the first page. Today, if you want a successful web entry, creating a website is not enough. The deployment of a real positioning strategy called SEO, adapted to your business, has become indispensable.


SEO for my website ?

What is a well-optimized website? Small example image: your website is a room of a home. The texts on the site are represented by the furniture in the room. You need to describe two rooms. The first has only a wooden door locked with a key. It is impossible to describe the room and know what purpose it serves in the house. The second room has many windows and a glass door that you can open. This second room is as a well-optimized website: it is possible to see what is inside! Create your website with Webissimus, SEO specialist in Liege; we offer many windows that allow Google to see the achievements of your company and the list of your products, services or business!


What are the rules of SEO ?

The SEO (in other words the visibility) of your website is linked to multiple factors: choice of phrases or keywords, number of times that these keywords appear in the internet site, places where the keywords are located in the site, competition on these key phrases,... Companies like Google have defined the rules of SEO (some explicit, other confidential), there are conditions to be met in the code of the website for a better visibility in the results of the search engines.


The SEO of the created website !

These SEO rules must be respected in the design of the website. Small pictorial example: You must make a birthday cake (website). In the first case, the ingredients and the recipe are at your disposal and you can start to make the cake (web site) by following the recipe (Google's rules). In the second case, a dough (website) has already begun and you must take the following recipe (Google's rules) without knowing what was actually done by the first cook (computer). In what situation is it easier to succeed his birthday cake (website)?

The SEO of your website should be planned ahead of your project so that your website can meet  the search engines requirements. Today, too many companies design their website without worrying about its SEO. By acting in this way, you risk to make technical choices which might interfere with the visibility of your website on Google and other search engines.


Recreating my website !?

In the example of the previous point, you are in the second case and you must succeed making the birthday cake. Will you choose to start the creation of the cake by following the recipe from the beginning or will you take the risk to go back the work of the first cook? Often, it is much more profitable to recreate the website to improve visibility, optimizing the site for Google.


SEO of the site included !

To respond effectively to this problem and your objectives of visibility, Webissimus has chosen to offer its customers a global service, including a first step of SEO to each of its offers (company website, catalog website and e-commerce). Webissimus offers you technical and marketing expertise from the creation of your website.


Natural SEO or paid SEO ?

The natural search is to properly position your website on various relevant query results in the search engines, without having recourse to commercial links. The natural SEO is all about the work on the structure and content of the site, and the external links that point to it. (not obtained through manual SEO) link rollover to the page page  e-marketing/ Manual SEO. The natural SEO can be defined as the set of strategic actions and business techniques to improve the long term visibility and positioning of your website in the natural results.
Paid SEO means to pay for ads linked to keywords carefully selected. This is also known as sponsored links. (Rollover link to the page e-marketing/ Paid SEO).